Domain name change (December 2016)

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Hi everyone! We are moving to [b][/b] now. As you know we change our domain regularly. Nothing more has been changed for you, so don't worry, you can use Kickass as usually, it's automatically redirected. KAB Team
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KickassTorrents is now KickassBAY!

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Hi all!

After the shutdown of [b]KickassTorrents[/b] and loose of all domains and servers, we the FANS brought it back :)
We were not able to recover all the database 100% but 80% and promise to bring you same and more exciting features and community.

So, KAT as KickassTorrents moved to domain.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please Support us!

KAB Team
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Hello world!

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Welcome to, the torrent search engine that, you know, kicks ass :)

This is the official weblog of the project and we will be informing you about new features and other important news here. Stay tuned!
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